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Generation Station LLC
We have herd immunity inside of our facility by requesting all members and **staff be vaccinated... 

Even as state and federal requirements ease, we reserve the right to request the use of PPE inside the facility and refuse entry and/or service to those who wish not to comply.

Procedures & Client Information
Please note that these procedures will be followed to the letter. Procedures pertain to both the facility and vehicles used by the Generation Station LLC. 
We want to keep you safe and the following procedures are to be followed to help us do so.

Daily Procedures

1.Immediately upon entering the Generation Station you must have your temperature checked and certify that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19, nor have been exposed to anyone displaying symptoms of, or that has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Mask will be provided and must be worn whenever on Generation Station property.

2.Wash hands in a sink deemed appropriate for hand washing and/or use hands free sanitizer stations.

3.Don PPE as required, (*mask, goggles, and gloves), any other forms of PPE you feel comfortable in. PPE made available  by Generation Station LLC are:
a.*Disposable Surgical type masks
b.*Disposable Gloves
c.Disposable full coverage gowns and aprons
d.Disposable shoe covers
e.Reusable full-face shields
f.*Reusable goggles

4.After each use of the bathroom it will be totally wiped down including the toilet seat, flush handle, 
grab bars, doorknob and light switch for your safety.

5.Bathrooms will be inspected hourly for cleanliness, supplies and disinfecting.

It is imperative that the facility be disinfected and kept to the highest possible levels of cleanliness. 
The care and concern that we have for our own families and clients will show in everything we do, especially in this time of COVID-19.

*All employees, visitors, clients, and members MUST wear the mask provided by Generation Station LLC. If you wish to wear a personal mask you may wear it over your surgical type mask or the mask issued by the facility. 

Nose and mouth MUST BE covered. Reusable Goggles are provided if you wish to cover your eyes.

Your help with keeping our facility virus free is a necessity. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

**With the of exception of those with medical or religious exemptions.