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Services include:

*Statewide Respite Program
Daily planned activities
Two nutritious meals and snacks

Medical Monitoring
Daily Exercise & Socialization

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Physical Therapy to regain and maintain optimum health.
and our
Bi-lingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Featuring support groups for Care Givers
and those they care for.

Support Groups forming now - Day, Weekend

The most important service we provide is peace of mind in a caring, safe environment with
kind, caring professionals on staff!

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Respite Care

*Caring for a family member – or someone
you care for as if you were family – is a
huge job. When you’re caring for someone
who needs daily, basic assistance, there
often isn’t much time for anything else. Whether
you’re redirecting someone with memory or
other cognitive problems, or giving hands-on
care to a frail or sick person, it takes time, effort,
patience, and involves a lot of emotion. You
need time to do other things, time to think and
organize, and time to rest.

The  Statewide Respite Care Program
offers services to the person who needs care so
that you, the caregiver, has a break (“respite”).
The services should replace a task or period
of time that you would otherwise provide.
Services provided by the Generation Station Adult Day Care. Spaces are limited, call today for your application (856) 467-6687.